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7 pin or 12n socket. This is the most common plug and has been around for years.

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  It is used to run standard lights for: 
  •   Brake lights
  •   Indicators
  •   Side lights
  •   Fog lights 
  This socket will be suitable for all trailers with a 7 pin trailer plug
    7pin 12s socket.
    This socket is used to charge the battery and power up the fridge inside the caravan.
    It can also be used for the reversing lights and electric braking systems.
    This socket was used up to 2008 and then was changed to the 13 pin type.
13 pin  /  euro plug.  
This socket will be used for most caravans from 2008 onwards and will be starting to make its way
onto trailers in the next few years. The 13 pin socket covers both 7n and 7s in one socket.