Parking Sensors

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Parking sensors are a handy thing to have as they can help protect your rear
bumper when you are having trouble squeezing into that small space.

But not every car has this option as standard so that is why we can offer you our car
reversing sensor system.The system has four sensors and an audible alarm that changes tone as you get closer to an object with a solid tone when your close enough.
You can go for standard black sensors or you could go for the professionally colour coded option (additional cost). 
If you want to go for the colour coded parking sensors then we will need
your car Make, Model, Year, and Colour Code so we can get  the best match
possible. We will also need and extra 2 -3 days to prepare them.
The price to supply and fit are as follows:  
  • Standard finish from £149.00                
  • Colour coded from £189.00


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